Ten reasons to hire Gregory Green – Magician

St. Louis Magician Gregory Green amazing guests at the American Cancer Society Gala In St. Louis MO.

The reasons listed below are just ten of the many reasons that you should think about in regards to hiring me as a magician for your next event.
  1.  You don’t need to provide special lighting or sound equipment for a magician I am able to bring the magic right to your guests.

    I am able to bring a lot of entertainment to party without a lot of planning or preparation on your behalf.  I am able to perform magic right in your guests’ hands.Gregory Green St. Louis Favorite Magician performing the magic of the flying card for a guest at a party.

  2. Magic will stimulate interaction between guest, nothing is worse than a party where no one is talking to each other.

    My magic will get your guests interacting with the magic and more importantly with each other.

  3. You want your guest to talk about your event long after your event or party is over.

    Magic performed well leaves people talking! I will leave your guests with an unforgettable experience that they will talk about for years.

  4. Everyone Loves Magic 

    Simply put everyone likes to be amazed, regardless of age young and old like to be entertained with magic.

  5. As a magician, I am available for any time slot in your event.

    Magic works well in the beginning or the end of the event, or at any point in between. I have started gigs at 8 in the morning in Las Vegas Nevada and at 3 am in St. Louis Missouri. There is no wrong time to book me for your event.

  6. Magicians inspire positive vibes at your event!

    A magician engages your guests at the event he inspires creative thinking and wonder.

  7. Magicians keep the conversation going.

    Magic is an incredibly good icebreaker if you want to dispell awkwardness at your party. Hire St. Louis favorite magician Gregory Green to keep the party going.

  8. I can buy you time. 

    In the event of a delay, I can keep your guests entertained.  Making any boredom or awkwardness the delay would cause disappear.

  9. Magic is easily customizable.

    Do you want a special trick for your event? I can theme my costume and my magic for almost any type of event.  

  10. I can give you time to enjoy the party.

    Let me keep your guests entertained, while you sit back and enjoy the magic and the party.

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