Hiring a St. Louis Magician: Strolling Magic vs. Stage Magic

Hiring a St. Louis Magician: Strolling Magic vs. Stage Magic

A St. Louis magician can bring fun and excitement to your event, whether it’s a birthday or holiday party, a conference or corporate gathering, or any day you want some unique entertainment at your venue. Once you’ve decided you want a magician to dazzle your guests, the next step is to choose someone who specializes in the type of show you want to present, which will typically be either strolling magic or stage magic. Both are great choices, but the one you should choose depends on the type of experience you want your guests to have.


Stage Magic in St. Louis: The Classic Magic Act


Stage magic is a great choice when you want to focus a crowd’s attention on the more traditional type of magic act. Parties often feature stage magicians who perform for a specified amount of time to offer entertainment for the whole group at once. Booking a stage magician at your venue can draw customers who want to see a show, and stage magic at a corporate event can provide a nice break from work for your attendees.

Stage Magic St. Louis Magician

Stage Magic – St. Louis magician

St. Louis Strolling Magic: Dazzling a Few People at a Time


A St. Louis magician who specializes in up-close, strolling magic can offer a different type of entertainment for your party guests, employees or conference-goers. Instead of drawing the attention of an entire group of people to a performance, a strolling magician becomes part of the crowd, interacting with your guests one-on-one and in small groups. Every guest can be entertained by the performance of stage magic, but a strolling magician can perform magic right in your guests’ hands. There’s no substitution for the excitement that kind of interaction can bring.


While a strolling magician at your St. Louis event can’t perform for a large crowd at one time, a crowd will gather. This type of magic isn’t just interactive between the magician and a single person or small group. People draw close to watch and interact with each other, then discuss what they’ve just seen as the magician moves on to engage other guests.

St. Louis Magician Gregory Green amazing guests at the American Cancer Society Gala In St. Louis MO.

St. Louis Magician Gregory Green amazing guests at the American Cancer Society Gala In St. Louis MO.

Both a stage magic show and strolling magic can energize a crowd, provide a break and entertain your guests. The best one to choose depends on your venue, your event and the type of experience you want to provide. Talk to the magician you’re interested in about what you want from your event for tips about hiring a St. Louis magician and which type of performance is best for you.

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Five Tips for Choosing a Magician in St. Louis

Five Tips for Choosing a Magician in St. Louis

Once you’ve decided to choose one of the magicians for hire in St. Louis for your party, wedding or corporate event, the next step is to decide which metro-area magician is the best fit. Here are five tips to help you pick the best entertainer for your needs.

Know What Kind of St. Louis Magic Show You Want

The better idea you have about what you want before you contact a professional magician, the easier it will be to find the right one. Some magic shows focus on comedy, some are more serious, some are designed for kids’ parties and some acts work best when a strolling magician mingles with a large crowd performing tricks and dazzling your guests a few at a time.

This type of strolling magic is usually a poor fit for kids’ parties, just as a stage magic show might not work well in a crowded, noisy restaurant or bar that would require a large group of people to focus for an extended period of time. Good St. Louis magicians can tell you if the kind of show you want isn’t a great idea for the event you have planned.

Because many magicians specialize, your desired act might not be a great fit for them, either. As part of the St. Louis area magic community, I’m confident that if you contact me or any other local magician and we’re unable to perform at your event, we can happily refer you to someone who specializes in the type of magic you’re looking for.

St. Louis Magician Gregory Green floating a business card

St. Louis Magician Gregory Green floating a business card

Know Your Budget for Hiring a St. Louis Magician

No one wants to overpay, but choosing the least expensive performer based on price alone can be a mistake. If you purchase a cheap item at a store, it can be taken back and exchanged for something better if it doesn’t work as advertised. Your event, however, doesn’t get a do-over. Once the performance is over, your guests will have been entertained or not, and even a full refund of what you paid can’t undo the disappointment that would result from a poor magic show.

Choosing the wrong magician, whether for a performance in St. Louis, Alton, Jerseyville, Edwardsville, or any surrounding areas, can keep your wedding, party or event from being all it could be.

Magicians are entertainers, and most of us have a base price for appearances with tiers for longer or more involved performances. There are usually options that can fit into most people’s budgets, within reason, but the old adage that “you get what you pay for” is as accurate when it comes to magicians for hire in the St. Louis area as it is for anything else.

Get Details about the Magic Show

This holds true for anyone you might hire for an event like caterers, bands or DJs, bakeries or venues. Be sure your magician confirms with you all important details like the date, when the magician will arrive, when the performance will start and stop, payment details and terms, and any other information that can help both you and the performer understand the scope of what’s expected.

Payment terms such as deposit, terms for final payment, contracts and other information are important, but things like what you expect from the magician the performance are equally vital. Be sure you both have a good understanding of expectations so you won’t stress about any details that he already has covered.

Look at the Magician’s Testimonials and Past Performances

A few different metrics can help you decide which St. Louis magic act to choose. First, is there a list of past clients and performances on their individual website and at least a few testimonials from satisfied customers? Unless a magician is just starting out, you should easily be able to see a little bit of the performer’s history. Well known clients and venues are a great sign that your magician has the necessary experience.

Second, again unless the performer is new to magic, a couple of testimonials will show that your magician is capable of pleasing the people who’ve hired him. There’s nothing wrong with taking a chance on a new magician who may not have any big past clients or testimonials, but there are opportunities for new magicians that aren’t as one-of-a kind as your wedding, party or corporate event.

Finally, Google it. If you’re considering hiring a magician in St. Louis, do a quick search to check out their social media and any mentions in media or articles they may be part of from interviews or past appearances. Some magicians have YouTube videos online, as well. Not every magician films their performances, particularly when specializing in strolling magic in crowded venues where it’s difficult to get good shots and audio, but one or two short videos can help demonstrate a magician’s skill.

Watch the Magician in Action

This might not always be possible, but check to see if the magician you’re interested in has any performances coming up. You may be able to go to a restaurant, nightclub or charity event to see them live and get a better sense of how they might be able to entertain your guests. And if you meet a close-up magician in person, don’t be surprised if they demonstrate a few tricks to how off their skills!

Professional St. Louis magicians love their craft and want you to be happy with their performance, so don’t hesitate to discuss what you’re looking for. You’ll get great feedback and suggestions about how to make your event special.

I’m St. Louis magician Gregory Green, and I’m always happy to talk with you about performing at your party, wedding, corporate event or your venue. Please contact me at

Five Tips for Choosing a Magician in St. Louis

St. Louis Strolling Magic at Your Corporate Event, Party or Venue

You can make your corporate event memorable by offering entertainment, whether you’ve arranged a multi-day conference, a holiday celebration, or a party marking a company milestone. And a great way to offer entertainment to your event-goers is to hire a St. Louis area magician- Gregory Green.

St. Louis Magician Gregory Green floating a business card

St. Louis Magician Gregory Green floating a business card

Almost everybody loves magic, and if you hire someone who specializes in up-close, strolling magic to mingle with your guests, your event will be extra memorable.

One-on-One Magic in the St. Louis Area

Strolling magic is a special kind of performance designed to give the audience more one-on-one attention. Instead of a performance on a stage separate from the people watching, a strolling magician becomes part of the group, engaging your guests on an individual basis and amazing small groups of people at a time.

Magic with a Personal Touch

Magic is fantastic, and there’s nothing quite like watching a magician saw a person in half on stage or levitate something in mid-air. But when a strolling magician can put a ball or a coin in your closed fist that somehow multiplies into more when you open it, you’re going to be astonished in a completely different way.

Personalized Magic that Still Draws a Crowd

While strolling magic is designed to entertain individuals and small groups at a time, it also creates a buzz and excitement as the magician moves through the crowd. People gather around to watch the magician interact with one or two people, often forming a large group of spectators. Anticipation builds as people watch the magician, hoping he’ll come closer to them next to perform some tricks.

Magic as an Ice-Breaker


At most parties and weddings, many people are already familiar with one another, yet those who aren’t can be brought together as a magician strolls to their table and engages with them. At corporate events and large gatherings where many people are strangers, this type of performance can get people talking and interacting, making other discussions, meetings and team-building exercises more effective.

Use St. Louis Magician Gregory Green's magic as an Ice Breaker for your event

Use St. Louis Magician Gregory Green’s magic as an Ice Breaker for your event

Magic Happens TO You

Stage magic is wonderful, but it’s something you passively watch unless you’re one of the lucky volunteers called up from the audience to help with a particular trick. Strolling magic, on the other hand, comes to you and often directly involves you. The magician often asks you questions such as to pick a number or a color, or asks you inspect things like rubber bands or foam balls. Many tricks are done right in your hands, which thrills many adults as much as it does children. This level of interaction and engagement is unique to strolling magic. It will delight and entertain your guests, ensuring they will talk about your event long after it’s over.


Are you looking to hire a professional St. Louis strolling magician for your corporate event or party, or to draw customers to your venue? Contact me via phone at  702-496-8106 or via email at [email protected]

Ten reasons to hire Gregory Green – Magician

Ten reasons to hire Gregory Green – Magician

The reasons listed below are just ten of the many reasons that you should think about in regards to hiring me as a magician for your next event.
  1.  You don’t need to provide special lighting or sound equipment for a magician I am able to bring the magic right to your guests.

    I am able to bring a lot of entertainment to party without a lot of planning or preparation on your behalf.  I am able to perform magic right in your guests’ hands.Gregory Green St. Louis Favorite Magician performing the magic of the flying card for a guest at a party.

  2. Magic will stimulate interaction between guest, nothing is worse than a party where no one is talking to each other.

    My magic will get your guests interacting with the magic and more importantly with each other.

  3. You want your guest to talk about your event long after your event or party is over.

    Magic performed well leaves people talking! I will leave your guests with an unforgettable experience that they will talk about for years.

  4. Everyone Loves Magic 

    Simply put everyone likes to be amazed, regardless of age young and old like to be entertained with magic.

  5. As a magician, I am available for any time slot in your event.

    Magic works well in the beginning or the end of the event, or at any point in between. I have started gigs at 8 in the morning in Las Vegas Nevada and at 3 am in St. Louis Missouri. There is no wrong time to book me for your event.

  6. Magicians inspire positive vibes at your event!

    A magician engages your guests at the event he inspires creative thinking and wonder.

  7. Magicians keep the conversation going.

    Magic is an incredibly good icebreaker if you want to dispell awkwardness at your party. Hire St. Louis favorite magician Gregory Green to keep the party going.

  8. I can buy you time. 

    In the event of a delay, I can keep your guests entertained.  Making any boredom or awkwardness the delay would cause disappear.

  9. Magic is easily customizable.

    Do you want a special trick for your event? I can theme my costume and my magic for almost any type of event.  

  10. I can give you time to enjoy the party.

    Let me keep your guests entertained, while you sit back and enjoy the magic and the party.